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With Text Marketing…
Slow days!

Build an SMS Marketing List to grow your audience, engage & increase sales

How Text Marketing Works

Generate Leads

Generate leads with a widget to your website to generate new leads.

Increase Sales

Increase your sales when you are slow with a “Hard-to-Resist” offer sent directly from your phone.


Save Time

Your customers are on their phones… Save time & money by marketing to them directly with a text.

Want to turn $200.00 into an easy $1400.00?

90% of consumers use coupons

93% of consumers consider special promotions a reason for joining loyalty programs
84% of loyalty program members have made a redemption from the program
76% of consumers will give information in exchange for offers
71% of consumers follow brands for coupons

Source – Capital one

Text message marketing

No more slow days!

Are Wednesdays slow? Tuesdays? Sunday lunches? Now, you have the power to text your customers the right message at the right time. From your phone, simply promote an amazing offer to bring customers through the doors!
Join us for your VIP “2 for 1 Pizza” & live music tonight!
Or, maybe you just need to send out your new operating hours…

Now… You can do that!

Try it for yourself. Text the word “JOIN” to (480)-907-3736

Also, check out our AWESOME live website widget demo HERE

Harness the power of direct marketing and send information, promotions, coupons, and offers, directly to your customers’ phones with our instant SMS marketing system

SMS Marketing made easy



SMS open rates are as
high as 98% and 90% of texts are read immediately!

    • Effective communication
    • Super-easy to use
    • Great communication tool



85% of customers prefer receiving a text instead of a phone call or an email.

    • Prefer text messaging
    • Easy to opt-in & opt-out
    • Full flexibility & control



Millennials open 83% of their SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.

    • Only 12% of FB ads are read
    • 20% of emails are opened
    • 29% of tweets are read



The last thing managers need… is more to do! Our platform is easy to use.

    • No software to download
    • Measure campaigns
    • Zero maintenance

Problem solved!

The main problem all businesses are facing post-COVID is the loss of income, increased costs, and changes in consumer behavior after the prolonged shelter in place. We took all these factors into consideration and have created an affordable solution to stay on top of your marketing while creating customer loyalty and increasing sales.

Impressive return on investment (ROI)

SMS marketing has been proven to drive business, grow customer loyalty, and increase brand recognition. This means that SMS marketing goes far beyond simply returning your investment on the dollar. In our example, for every dollar spent during your SMS campaign, you could see a return of $14.00. Unbelievable (but true), a company in Cincinnati, Ohio named Pizza Tower saw an ROI upward to 6300%! 

Decrease your marketing costs

The process of running an SMS campaign is time-saving and cost-efficient. Once the creative part of drafting the message is done it just takes a second to broadcast to your contact list. (Building the contact list is what takes time…But we are here to help!). Broadcasting an SMS campaign takes less than a minute, count 5 seconds for the messages to be received and in about 3 minutes 90% of all your messages will be delivered and read. 

The Math

According to Womply, Arizona restaurants serve an average of 54 transactions daily with an average ticket price of $25.00.

Considering, 50% of the transactions could be returning customers or already subscribed… we will use a conservative estimate of 30% of 27 daily transactions to calculate our potential daily subscribers.

  • 8 subscribers a day
  • 56 subscribers a week
  • 224 subscribers a month

That’s 224 subscribers eager to receive an offer from your business each week!

Each month, you could send 896 highly targeted messages (4 x 224) to customers that have joined the program!

National statistics state that a conservative redemption rate is in between 9-15%. (The truth is… real redemption rates can be as high as 15-20%) Therefore the number of customers cashing in on your offer every month would be around 81 (9% of 896). With an average ticket sale of $25.00 per customer (in Arizona), a well-targeted promotion, deal, or offer could generate an extra $2025.00 in extra revenue every month!

Every month, by simply sending 4 text messages you could generate an extra $2025.00 in extra revenue

Finally, to keep our calculations real, let’s not forget to deduct 20% (cost of the offer) $405.00 + 200.00 for the SMS program… Equaling $605.00 in costs.
$2025.00 in extra monthly revenue – $605.00 in costs = $1420.00

A well-targeted SMS strategy could easily increase your monthly revenue well over $1400.00 a month or $17,000.00 a year!


Want to know what SMS Marketing could do for you?


    • Input # of lunch transactions
    • Input # of dinner transactions
    • Input your average ticket sale

So, what do you think?

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